Calling all Bourbon Whisperers!

Bavarian Inn has not one, but TWO Bourbon Whiskies that you will definitely want to try!

That’s right… We have added “Bourbon creators” to our list of many things.

We sell our own bourbon whiskey at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, Bavarian Inn Lodge, Michigan on Main and Frank’s Muth!

Our bourbons are named Bavarian Inn’s Private Select, Matriarch Legacy 100 (ML100), named in honor of our matriarch Dorothy Zehnder who turned 100 years young on December 1, 2021 and Bavarian Inn Private Select, Triple B (Bavarian, Bill Zehnder, & Bourbon) in Spring of 2019.

Our Bourbon is made exclusively by Maker’s Mark. We have a Private Select barrel series that is only allowed for up to 3 barrels to be made per year in Michigan. We were trying to come up with a drink we thought our guests would like and our goal was to get something that was smooth and had nice flavor.

We started out by going to the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky where we learned the entire process. This process consisted of selecting out 5 different staves – needed a combination of 10 staves that would go into the barrel for nine weeks of aging. Staving is the wood that imparts about 70% of the flavor in the bourbon. So the type of wood you would use and the way it’s charred has a distinctive different flavor of profile. We then started sampling and making combinations of different flavors.

Here’s a fun fact… Did you know that when you make bourbon you can add different combinations of wheat, barley, rye into the mix with corn! Each mixture makes up each their own flavoring with how much is added to each barrel.










Well folks, if you are not already on your way to sip these two bourbons, then what are you waiting for?!

We will see you soon, cheers!


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