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Perks Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perks Club?

As a member of the Perks Club, you will earn points toward valuable gift certificates, take advantage of discounts and earn special membership privileges.  The more you use your card, the more points you can earn – ten points for every dollar spent!  A $20 perks Club Certificate will be issued each time 2,000 points ($200 worth of purchases) have been generated – to be used on a future visit.

How much does it cost to join the Perks Club?

It costs 10 dollars to join the Perks Club and your membership will initially last 13 months.

How do I sign up for the Perks Club?

There are several ways to join the Perks Club. You can join in person at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, participating Frankenmuth River Place Shops, the Covered Bridge & Leather Gift Shop, Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, and in the Perks Club Office located in the Front Desk Lobby at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. You can also contact the Perks Club Office by phone directly: 1-877-737-5707 any day of the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or apply while making a room reservation through the Bavarian Inn Lodge reservations line.

Where can I present my Perks Club Card to start accumulating points on my account?

Your Bavarian Inn Perks Club Card is accepted at several locations in Frankenmuth.  At the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, present your card at the time of purchase at:  Dining Rooms, Michigan on Main, Doll & Toy Shop, Souvenirs & Cheers Shop, Wine & Beer Cellar, Castle Bakery, Royal Gift Shop, and the Nutcracker Sweet Candy Corner.  At the Bavarian Inn Lodge, present your card at: the Front Desk while checking in for guestrooms, Michael’s Gift Shop, Martha’s Gift Shop, Oma’s Restaurant, Lorelei Lounge, and the Ratskeller.  At the Frankenmuth River Place Shops, present your card at these stores during a purchase: Calla Lilies, Emile B’s, Funky Skunk, Hello Cats & Dogs, Girl Talk, Our Mother Earth Toy Jungle, The Enchanted Forest, Woody’s, Jerky Joint, Your Name Here and Cass River Bar and Grill.  You can also present your card at the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus and the Covered Bridge & Leather Shop on Main Street.

How long does the membership last?

The membership is valid for 13 months. For example, if you sign up on November 3rd, 2014, your membership is good from November 3rd, 2014 to December 31st, 2015.

I think my Perks Club membership is about to expire. How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your Perks Club membership through any of the ways you can join, except that you currently cannot renew your membership through the Bavarian Inn website.

How many members can be on my Perks Club membership?

Your Perks Club membership allows you to have two members on the account. The first member is the primary member and the other is the secondary member. Both members receive Bavarian Inn Perks Club benefits. The address and email address we keep on file will be under the name of the primary member.

How old do you have to be to join?

Membership in the Bavarian Inn Perks Club is available to any individual 18 years of age or older.

What do I do if I forgot to present my Perks Club card for a purchase?

If you forgot to present your Perks Club card, call the Perks Club Office and we are able to apply points if you have the receipt and 14 days have not passed since the time of the purchase.

I had a Perks Club account previously, but it expired. How do I rejoin?

If you previously have been a member of the Perks Club, you can rejoin the same way anyone signs up as a new member. Be sure to note that you had been a member before. The fee to rejoin the Perks Club after the membership has expired is $10. Any points in your previous Perks membership account are deleted after the account expires.

I have multiple rooms reserved at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. Can I receive points for more than one room?

Members can earn points for up to three (3) rooms per nights at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. Applicable conditions are: Perks Membership must make the reservations for all three (3) rooms. Payment for all rooms must be made by the Perks Club Member on the members personal Credit Card (all charges on one credit card) or Perks Club Member personal check. No cash payments are applicable. The Perks Club member earning points for the rooms must stay in one of the rooms each night.

Is it possible to receive points for placing an advance deposit on a room reservation at the Bavarian Inn Lodge?

Points are not awarded on advance deposits.

Where can I view the special Perks Club member rates for the Bavarian Inn Lodge?

Bavarian Inn Perks Club members will be sent newsletters informing them of the Perks Club rates approximately 4 times a year. The current newsletter can also be viewed here.

How often do I receive Perks Club gift certificates?

Perks Club gift certificates, in the amount of $20.00, will be issued when 2000 points have been accumulated in Club member accounts. Any earned points over this amount will remain in the account and accumulate until reaching 2000 points. Certificates are mailed to the address of the primary member within two weeks and are not available on demand in person.

How long are the Perks Club certificates valid?

A certificate will have an expiration date of 18 months from the date it is issued. Perks Club certificates cannot be extended beyond the expiration date printed on the certificate.

May I give a Perks Club gift certificate to someone else to use?

Yes. Even though certificates are issued in the name of the Perks Club member, certificates may be transferred to another individual for redemption.

Is there a limit to how many Perks Certificates I can redeem at once?

There is no limit to how many certificates you can redeem at once, as long as the certificates have not expired.

May I receive credit for points on my account or an amount remaining on a Perks Certificate?

Perks Club points and Perks Certificates are not redeemable for cash or any form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption according to the Perks Club Terms & Conditions.

I have recently joined the Perks Club and my birthday is soon. Will I be receiving the Birthday Dinner postcard valid for the complimentary Bavarian Inn Restaurant All You Can Eat Family Style Chicken Dinner for my birthday?

An individual must be a Perks Club member for 45 days before becoming eligible to receive the Birthday Dinner postcard redeemable at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

I misplaced my Birthday Dinner postcard. Is it possible to receive a replacement?

Unfortunately, the Bavarian Inn will not issue a free dinner without the postcard nor will lost or stolen postcards be replaced.

I lost my Perks Certificate or I left my Perks Certificate at home? Can it be replaced?

Lost, stolen or misplaced certificates cannot be reissued.

I booked a group meal function at Bavarian Inn Restaurant (or Bavarian Inn Lodge). Can I receive points for this?

Banquets, conferences and any group functions, including Ratskeller birthday parties and rehearsal dinners are excluded from earning points. Banquets, conferences and group functions are defined as venues occurring with arrangements booked through the Sales Department or where a banquet menu is pre-arranged.

With Bavarian Inn Perks Club, you spend a little now for big rewards later.  Including a FREE chicken dinner for your birthday.


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