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Explore Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge

Modern Living With Kathy Ireland – Bavarian Inn Lodge

Christmas Time In Frankenmuth

Bake Shop-Bavarian Inn Secrets – Bake Shop

German Rouladen- Dorothy Zehnder Talks about German Rouladen (Beef Rolls)

Cucumber Salad- Bavarian Inn Secrets – Cucumber Salad

Cranberry Relish- Bavarian Inn Secrets — Cranberry Relish 

Frankenmuth Chicken – Bavarian Inn Secrets — Frankenmuth® Chicken

 Michigan Dairy Products- Michigan Dairy Farmers make Bavarian Inn meals Special! 

Come Cook with Me- Dorothy of the Bavarian Inn invites you to “Come Cook with Me”

Bavarian Inn Secrets – Castle Shops

Dining Rooms – Bavarian Inn Secrets – Dining Room Tour

Blue Hubbard Squash-Local Farmers grow Hubbard Squash for Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Frankenmuth Dog Bowl 2019

Dog Bowl Weiner Dog Races 2019

Dog Bowl 2013 Commercial

Newfoundland Nationals 2009

The 2012 Scottish Deerhound National Specialty

With Bavarian Inn Perks Club, you spend a little now for big rewards later. Including a FREE chicken dinner for your birthday.


One Covered Bridge Lane
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Lodge: 1-855-652-7200

EMAIL: [email protected]


713 S. Main Street
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Restaurant: 1-800-228-2742

EMAIL: [email protected]

Michigan on Main

713 S. Main Street
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Phone: 989-480-5012

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