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Lodge History

Phase I of the Bavarian Inn Lodge was built in 1985-86. The Lodge opened on February 10, 1986 with 100 Guest rooms, Oma’s Restaurant, Lorelei Lounge, Martha’s Gift Shop, Game Room, one Pool and Whirlpool, and the River Rooms Conference / Banquet space. Bavarian Inn Lodge sits on 7 acres along the Cass River on what used to be the Weiss Family Farm. Today we have 360 Guest rooms (268 Standards; 46 Kings; 24 Whirlpools; 17 Family Suites, and 5 mini suites) and 330 Employees. The tour of the Lodge will take you from the Lobby and Courtyard through the Lorelei Lounge, the River Rooms, the Composer Rooms, and all the way through the Fun Center and Ratskeller to the Waterfall Pool. This tour is approximately 1/8th of a mile – one way.

Front Desk Lobby – Our Lobby was built to give a hearty welcome to our guests – its massiveness; the large beams and high ceiling give it a unique German look. It is decorated accordingly with tapestry hangings, Alphorns, cowbells, woodcarvings, and oxen yokes. The mural on the wall shows how the Zehnder Holz Brücke (Holzs Brickay a wooden bridge) was pulled across the Cass River by Buck and Bright, a pair of twin oxen. Notice the loft with its seasonal decorations and the woodcarvings below the Front Desk. When guests enter we wish them “Willkommen” and when they leave we say “Auf Wiedersehen”.

Holz BrückeHolzs Brickay – Covered Wooden Bridge 239 feet long, weights 230 tons. Only known cover bridge with Dormers.

Willkommen – Vill-come’-n ~ Welcome

Herzlich Willkommen – A warm and hearty welcome

Auf Wiedersehen – Good-bye

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Guest Room Family Histories

The story begins with two bells that accompanied the first fifteen settlers who came to Frankenmuth in 1845. These bells were inscribed with the words Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt which translates “through harmony great things come from small beginnings”… Click Here to read the complete story about the history of our rooms.

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