Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Michigan’s Little Bavaria is a vibrant town with a rich history, cultural festivities, and eye-catching architecture. But beyond its famous chicken dinners lies an often-overlooked treasure: a collection of stunning murals that add a splash of color and artistry to this quaint town. In this virtual tour of Frankenmuth’s most-loved murals, we will stop at key landmarks including the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge, Frankenmuth River Place Shops, Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, and the Covered Bridge Shop. Each of these locations hosts unique murals that are not limited to decoration purposes but also to tell stories, encapsulate history, and celebrate the spirit of Frankenmuth.



During a visit to Frankenmuth, dining at the world-famous Bavarian Inn Restaurant is a must. Here guests can take in the artistry surrounding the main dining room that captures the story of some traditional fairy tales.



The most recent addition to Frankenmuth’s collection of murals is located in the Bavarian Inn Castle Shops. This mural illustrates a quaint town in Germany resembling little Bavaria’s aesthetic.



While walking through the acclaimed Covered Bridge one can view the picturesque mural of a monarch butterfly, garnishing the outside of the Covered Bridge Shop. This mural is widely known as one of Frankenmuth’s prime photo stops.



Located in Frankenmuth River Place Shops, accessorizing the outside of Funky Skunk is a gorgeous mural that introduces the Irish aesthetic to visitors of the Funky Skunk store.



Outside of the Enchanted Forest in Frankenmuth River Place Shops is a mural that captures a scene out of a fairy tale, parallel to the aesthetics of the Enchanted Forest’s merchandise.



At Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge, the walls of Lorelei Lounge are decorated with the folklore and architecture of Germany. The lounge’s centerpiece mural eloquently narrates the legend behind the enchanting name ‘Lorelei’. The artwork gives life to the mythical story of Lorelei the Siren and her alluring voice, enchanting the sailors who heard it which would ultimately lead to their doom.



During weekly events at the Ratskeller, the mural of Willy and Greta the Dragons is displayed in the background of the stage capturing the rolling hills of Germany.



As guests enjoy playing the mini golf course, pictured on the walls are large murals capturing the quaint town of Frankenmuth from a story book perspective.



One of the most-loved murals of Frankenmuth decorating the outside of the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus is an illustration of a part of the Bavarian Inn Zehnder family. Their influential presence in Frankenmuth is not one to look passed. Their dedication to familial unity and passion for bringing loved ones together through enjoyable experiences shines through this artistry.

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