Consider Your Interests

Do you prefer interacting with people or doing tasks on your own behind the scenes? What subjects or activities in school are you best at?  What are your post high school aspirations? Look for positions that align with your interests and aspirations.

Know Your Schedule

Be upfront about extracurricular activities you will need to work around. Businesses that hire high school students know this is a factor and often hire students with differing activities to balance their needs.

Listing Work/Education Experience

Just because you’re applying for your first job doesn’t mean you don’t have any experience.  You can list any work or educational experience such as babysitting, mowing lawns, volunteer or church work, etc.  When listing your education, make sure to mention your sports and club activity.

Do Your Research

Research the business you are considering applying to and the position they have open. Look at their website, ask questions of others who work there.  Employers look highly upon individuals who take the time to learn about the company.

Be On Time

Show up and be on time – Not only for the interview but also once you’re hired.

Dress For Success

Even for your first job, it is important to dress to make a positive impression while inquiring for applications for an interview. Jeans, athletic attire, pajamas or tight/revealing clothing are not recommended.

Be Your Own Advocate

Your parents are not applying for the job, so they should not be the one getting applications or calling a business on your behalf

Listing References

A coach, a neighbor, a teacher, someone you babysat for or worked with volunteering can be used as a reference.  Anyone that can speak to your character that isn’t a family member. It is good to ask the person if you may use them as a reference and get their contact information for that purpose.

Proper Greeting & Presentation

Shake hand firmly (but don’t crush them), introduce yourself and make eye contact. Don’t chew gum. When filling out applications by hand, write as legibly as you can. If the employer can’t read it, they likely won’t call you back.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Keep your phone away and on silent. Don’t pull it out during an interview or even walking into your job or interview.  Be present and use the phone at appropriate breaks in the proper location.


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