Explore the hidden treasures of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant! From indulging in mouthwatering cuisine to experiencing exciting activities, we’ve curated a list of 135 things for you to do in honor of our 135th Anniversary this year! 


  1. Enjoy a Bavarian beer flight
  2. Order a pretzel with beer cheese
  3. Listen to live music on our patio
  4. Submit your family having FUN and great FOOD to our photo contest by going to LINK
  5. Try the Jaeger Schnitzel
  6. Indulge in a traditional German dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant
  7. Shop in the Castle Gift Shops
  8. Taste our Bavarian Inn Bourbon: Matriarch Legacy 100
  9. Sip on a glass of German Riesling
  10. Have dessert first – try the apple strudel
  11. View our fairy garten outside the Glockenspiel
  12. Take a photo in the fun cutout in the Castle Shops
  13. Go to one of our special events
  14. Savor a German chocolate cake slice
  15. Celebrate Oktoberfest with a liter of beer
  16. Watch the Glockenspiel chime
  17. Dine on the outdoor patio at Michigan on Main
  18. View all our Christmas trees located in all the dining rooms
  19. Take home some homemade fudge
  20. Polka dance in the Fischer Platz
  21. Try a German bratwurst
  22. Check out our Real Life Dolls in the Doll & Toy Shop
  23. Order the signature Bavarian Inn Chicken
  24. Visit the Alpine Room
  25. View all our murals in the Bavarian Inn Dining Room
  26. Admire the German ornaments in the Royal Gift Shop
  27. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok to get updates on new FUN as we announce it!
  28. Get a group photo in front of the giant nutcrackers
  29. Enjoy a meal in one of the private dining rooms
  30. Count the number of jelly bean flavors in the Candy Corner
  31. Take home the same stollen bread you had during dinner
  32. Take a photo of the beautiful landscaping
  33. Check out the Greta Van Fleet Merchandise in the Souvenirs & Cheers Shop
  34. Sample the Kasseler Rippchen
  35. Take a walk around the property’s flower gardens
  36. Try the noodle soup
  37. Listen to the Pied Piper story under the Glockenspiel
  38. Attend a dinner show
  39. Find the 135th Anniversary Banner outside
  40. Play checkers in our Castle Shops
  41. Order a latte from our Bakery
  42. Count how many steps to walk across our Wooden Covered Bridge
  43. Try spätzle
  44. Enjoy a signature cocktail at Michigan on Main
  45. Try our Bavarian Inn Chicken Seasoning
  46. Enjoy the German Wine Sampler
  47. Watch Hot Air Balloons fly over Bavarian Inn each Memorial Weekend (late May) during our Balloons Over Bavarian Inn Festival
  48. Book a Family Reunion
  49. Listen to Polka music in our Fischer Platz
  50. Embark on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Frankenmuth’s picturesque streets.
  51. Admire the antique decor throughout the restaurant
  52. Join us for Karaoke on Saturday nights in the summer
  53. Watch the classic car parade during the Frankenmuth Auto Fest
  54. Warm up at the fireplace outside
  55. Customize your own coffee from the Castle Shop Bakery
  56. Order the Buttered Spatzle
  57. Attend a Shower or Birthday Party
  58. Play a game of cornhole in the Fischer Platz
  59. Check out the many types of kitchen gadgets we have for sale
  60. Listen to the German music in our lobby
  61. Sample the Black Forest cake
  62. Watch Linda Lee play the accordion
  63. Sit at the bar at Michigan on Main
  64. Attend a wedding in one of our banquet rooms
  65. Try our Chicken Livers
  66. Make your own pretzel in our pretzel making class (groups of 20+)
  67. Meet the mannequin at the MOM bar
  68. See the Crest Room
  69. Book a Conference
  70. Watch the annual Bavarian Festival Parade each June and come in for Pretzels & Brats for lunch in the Fischer Platz after the parade.
  71. Count the number of truffles in the chocolate shop
  72. See the crystals in the Royal Gift Shop
  73. Try a homemade cookie from the Castle Shop Bakery
  74. Try our own “pie” from the Castle Shop Bakery
  75. Look at our map at Michigan on Main to look where we purchased Michigan-made ingredients
  76. Take home one of our specialty made jams for your house
  77. Try a new tap pour available at MOM (changes on season)
  78. View all our Easter decorations during months of April – May
  79. Take a selfie with the snow sculptures during Zehnder’s Snowfest in our dining parking lot
  80. Walk along the Cass River and admire the architecture of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant
  81. See the lineup of Hubbard squash outside during the fall season
  82. Get yourself a flower crown from the Souvenirs and Cheers Shop
  83. Start your own fairytale garden by gathering pieces from the Royal Gift Shop
  84. Take a picture with Linda Lee and tag us on social media
  85. Enter our Annual Photo Contest!
  86. Vote for our annual scarecrow during Scarecrow Fest this October
  87. Try Dorothy’s famous Chicken Croissant Sandwich
  88. Count how many mice come out during the story of the Pied Piper on the Glockenspiel
  89. Treat yourself to a dessert after your Chicken Dinner
  90. Collect the Bavarian Inn Ice Cream Pick
  91. Check out our herb and spice garden
  92. View our part of the Frankenmuth Historical Walking Tour
  93. Purchase noodles from the Bakery to make your own soup at home
  94. Read the Michigan Registered Historical Site sign in front of the Restaurant
  95. Go to the Chicken Tender Night at Michigan on Main
  96. Eat in all 12 dining rooms
  97. Watch Bavarian Inn Restaurant historical videos on the TVs
  98. Take your photo with the mega big boy/girl logo hand carved of wood near Michigan on Main.
  99. Count how many deer antlers are in the Alpine Room
  100. View the beautiful chandelier in the Austrian Room
  101. Bring your dog to Fischer Platz
  102. Go to a themed luncheon
  103. Eat one of the bug suckers from the Candy Corner
  104. Watch the German Boy & Girl Weather Figurines outside our building
  105. Take your selfie-with the horse at the carriage station.
  106. Attend a charity event we host
  107. Eat crickets from our Candy Corner Shop
  108. Use the souvenir penny press
  109. Try all of our Jelly Belly flavors
  110. Make your own stuffed animal with the Bear Factory in Candy Corner Shop
  111. Checkout the stein display in the Souvenirs & Cheers Shop
  112. Take a Selfie of the youngest chicken eater in your group biting into a chicken leg & share on social media
  113. Stand in the Glockenspiel Tower & try give your best Yodel!
  114. Count the family crests that adorn the Family Crest Room
  115. Count the number of pieces of chicken eaten at your table and post table photo with hashtag: #BavarianInn
  116. Visit the Michigan map in Michigan on Main and count how many Michigan products are used here.
  117. Dance a Polka in the Fischer Platz
  118. Take a Selfie under one of our giant cuckoo-cuckoo clocks in the Main Street Lobby
  119. Take 10 photos of your favorite summer flowers around Bavarian Inn & post the photo album on your page with #BavarianInn
  120. Sip a hot chocolate by our one of our outdoor fireplaces
  121. Sign up for the Apfel Strudel making experience
  122. Submit a song request to one of our strolling accordionists
  123. Take your couples photo in the alcove bench part way up the stairwell to the Alpine/Austrian rooms
  124. Look up the family names carved into the doors of the Family Crest Rooms
  125. Gather your entire group and sing the “Edelweiss Song” while standing in the “echo stairwell” inside the glockenspiel.
  126. Plan a proposal on our Covered Bridge sidewalk – ok, maybe not today, but at the right moment!
  127. Go gnome hunting
  128. Bring your fishing rod and go fishing on the River Walk under the Bavarian Inn Wooden Covered Bridge.
  129. Join the Bavarian Inn Perks Club to get a free chicken dinner in the month of your birthday and a second one for your significant other – included! com
  130. Get your “German on” with a new Bavarian styled hat & hat pins from our souvenirs & cheers shop then a big pretzel & beer from the bakeshop!
  131. Play checkers in the Castle Shops near the restrooms
  132. Smell the fudge being made in the Chocolate Shop
  133. Take a shuttle ride from the Bavarian Inn Restaurant to the Bavarian Inn Lodge and Frankenmuth River Place Shops
  134. Try our homemade bread from the Bakery
  135. Buy a gift for your loved one!

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