The ResidenZ is a grand estate home that is available to rent out on VRBO and Airbnb and can accommodate up to 16 guests. Despite it being built in 1910, the place has been updated which has included some breath-taking decorations that you just have to see! The ResidenZ has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and a patio up front. This is the perfect place to host group events like holiday gatherings, wedding parties, and family reunions. Nestled in the heart of Frankenmuth, right outside the Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth River Place Shops, and Bavarian Inn Restaurant and a lot of other attractions dotting Main Street – the perfect way to see all of what Frankenmuth has to offer!


In The ResidenZ you will discover a plethora of captivating features, including our magnificent dining room boasting an iconic wooden light fixture. Positioned atop this fixture are exquisite German figurines, gracefully engaging in dance and creating melodic symphonies.  Inside, there is quite a few entertainment options like board games, TVs, and areas to entertain. Should you choose to host an event here like a holiday dinner, family reunion, or a wedding party, you will be relived to find that the planning process is remarkably stress-free, given the plethora of possibilities at your disposal.


The dining area itself is a sprawling expanse capable of accommodating a considerable number of guests, while the conveniently located kitchen just around the corner allows you to effortlessly concoct a delectable feast for everyone’s enjoyment! In fact, the sheer size of this area makes it an ideal gathering spot for casual hangouts, but if you desire a change of scenery, fear not, for there are various other enticing spaces for you to explore. Venture outside and behold the allure of our firepit, where the crackling flames provide warmth and camaraderie. Additionally, an inviting area awaits, furnished with tables and chairs, offering the perfect ambiance for relishing the delightful summer weather.


Outside of special occasions, The ResidenZ is a perfect place to stay at for some of the events that happen around Frankenmuth! Close by at Frankenmuth River Place Shops, there are events like Scarecrow Fest, Dog Bowl, and the Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festivals that are held throughout the summer. Autofest is a massive car show that happens around Frankenmuth over several days Labor Day weekend, as well as other festivals like Bavarian Festival and Oktoberfest! During these festivals there is a lot to do and celebration making it a must-see in Michigan!

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